Story of Carpenters Beach Meadow

A seasonal property situated alongside the Atlantic Ocean in Matunuck, Carpenter's Beach Meadow originated in the 1930's when Arthur B. Carpenter, a farmer, rented tent spaces on portions of his farmland for mere pennies to families eager to leave the hot cities and spend time at the shore. Arthur and his wife Mary Amelia Cashman Carpenter, also owners of a second 125-acre Matunuck farm raised seven children, six of whom worked at the 18-acre beachfront property all their lives. The youngest, Mary Amelia Carpenter, born in 1918, began her lifelong work here at the age of 14 collecting just $ .25 from visitors ready to set up a tent or park at the beach for most of the day, returning for tea at 3:00 each afternoon. Mary's brother Harold delivered milk in large milk cans and brothers Stanton and Gibbie farmed potatoes and corn on the very fields on Matunuck Beach Road known as Carpenter's Farm Stand which borders Potter's Pond and is managed today by Mary's nephew David.

When the 1938 hurricane struck the coast tents were lost, but many of their platforms remained behind and became the foundations for the earliest summer cottages. One cottage still exists today that was sheered in half by the hurricane, washed out to sea, retrieved and reconstructed as a two bedroom cottage. Mary inherited the business in 1949 upon the death of her father and managed it up until just days before she died on September 17, 2012.

Mary attended a one-room schoolhouse, now a private home on Matunuck Schoolhouse Road with children of the few year-round residents at the time and she dedicated her entire life in Matunuck to preserving a summer community by the sea for generations.

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